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Super Secure Environments and Enterprise Mobility

by Kevin Benedict

October 22, 2010

At SAP TechEd 2010 this week, I learned about a very interesting mobility project.  A large manufacturer is so concerned about the security of their data, that they have special requirements that all components of computers and servers be cleaned and verified as clean and secure before they are assembled.  All steps in the server manufacturing process are audited and verified as clean.

This manufacturer is concerned that a worm, or other malicious bug can be introduced to the system during the installation of software, or the manufacturing of memory or hard drives.  Wow, I have just not thought this issue through.  They point to the example of the Iranian Nuclear plant that was infected by a worm that was introduced by someone bringing in a flash drive to the secure environment.

These servers will now be accessed by mobile devices.  All of these same security issues, plus a lot more are now being addressed on the mobile devices and mobile business processes.

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