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What Should I pay - Some BI survey results

by Dr. Berg

October 13, 2010

By Dr. Berg

In the new economic environment with almost 10% unemployment in the UK and US and high everywhere else, there are a lot of nervousness about jobs, pay and the future of BI organizations.

So, throughout the last year I was asked by some managers and project leaders "what should I pay" and "what can I realistically ask for". Without any solid answers to this, except "it depends", I decided to ask some of the companies I have worked with.

In this un-scientific survey, I received answers from seven US based companies that I want to share in this blog. Overall the companies had employed 63 people in their BI support organizations. It is important to note, that these numbers are not to be used as the definite answers to BI compensation, but simply some reference numbers that are hard to come by in our field.

For simplicity, I have rounded the numbers. While the answers from the companies varied, the range of pay in the different was very consistent.

I will disuss more of these details at the SAP project management conference in Orlando October 27-29 and hope to see you there..


Dr. Berg



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