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Bing, Sybase and the power of mobility

by Davin Wilfrid

September 15, 2010

By Davin Wilfrid, Project Expert

The latest research from Nielsen shows that Bing (Microsoft's search engine) has surpassed Yahoo! for the #2 position in overall search -- behind Google, obviously. This Fast Company article attributes the rise of Bing to aggressive marketing, which may be largely true.

But there may be more to the story. Microsoft and Verizon recently struck a deal to make Bing the default search and ad services provider on a number of Verizon mobile phones, and the iPhone now gives users the ability to set Bing as the default search bar within the iOS Safari browser. The iTunes store also offers a Bing app for the iPhone, which is useful for several different kinds of searches (images, for example, are rendered more quickly and organized better using Bing).

I'm with the blog, which speculates that Microsoft's mobile strategy is an important reason that Bing is thriving at the expense of Yahoo!. The rise of Android and the iPad in recent months have demonstrated that the future of mobile computing is far more expansive than any of us could have predicted -- even with the iPhone's initial success a few years ago.

The SAP acquisition of Sybase is intended to capitalize on this shift toward mobile. The sheer volume of iPad's during SAP's on-site demos at SAPPHIRE (and during yesterday's business analytics tools announcement press conference) attests to this. It's hard find fault with this strategy on SAP's part -- now the question is how you, the SAP install base, are going to put mobile apps to use in your organization.

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