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In Synch Accounting for COPA

by Rajendra Nyati

September 20, 2010

Do anyone have a solution to reconcile the costing based COPA to GL?

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Gary Clements

9/25/2013 8:47:37 PM

We run standard costing. COPA is configured to derive cost of sales based on the current cost estimate.
At goods issue, cost of sales is recorded at quantity shipped multiplied by standard cost as shown in the material master.
When this order is then billed to the customer, the cost of sales is derived by multiplying the quantity shipped by the standard cost calculated in the current cost estimate. If the standard cost was changed via MR21, the current cost estimate will be out of synch with the standard cost showing in MM03.
To reconcile, dump the cost of sales account(s) via FS10N from the GL, being sure to include material number. Then dump the derived cost in COPA by material via KE24. Compare the two files and the differences should become apparent.
Also be careful of returns, COPA will derive the cost of the return based on the standard cost in play at time of original goods issue.