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It's not over until it's over: The need for post-go-live support

by Kristin Bent

September 13, 2010

I'm excited to announce that presentations for Projects 2010 are starting to roll in! Ranging from customer case studies, to SAP ERP upgrade best practices, to organizational change management, the topics really run the gamete this year.

One trend I’m noticing is a focus on post-go-live support. It’s an interesting concept, really; I mean, once a newly implemented or upgraded SAP system goes live successfully, Project Managers must feel tempted to simply tuck their project plan away, brush their hands off, and think, “Well, looks like my work here is done!”

According to Projects 2010 speakers, though, it’s probably best to fight this temptation. In fact, some suggest that post-go-live is just as crucial a project phase as, well, going live in the first place. It’s a time for evaluation, measurement of project “success,” and the development of an on-going support strategy. It’s a time for looking back, and asking questions – what worked well? What didn’t work well? How can we more efficiently implement or upgrade an SAP system in the future?

Projects 2010 speaker, Doug Whittle, dives deep into the key components of any solid post-go-live strategy during his session, “The value of vision: Five key questions that every SAP project manager should answer when building a post-go-live strategy.” To learn more about what Doug covers in this session – and the other post-go-live sessions being presented this October – click here.

In the meantime, do any PMs have any post-go-live tips or tricks they can share with fellow Inside Learning Network-ers?

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