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Quick tip: Identifying key challenges surrounding change management in a GRC project

by Allison Martin

April 29, 2011

Understanding the key change management and communication challenges that can occur during an SAP BusinessObjects GRC implementation, upgrade, or enhancement project is crticial to every GRC team. Check out the below tip from Nicola White’s presentation at the upcoming GRC 2011 conference in Amsterdam, 7-9 June and walk through some of the key challenges that can occur with regards to change management. For the complete presentation, make sure to attend her session at the event.

Key Challenge #1: Getting Management Buy-in

GRC is often seen as a technical implementation, driven from IT, so key questions to ask include:

- Is this just a new and shiny tool for the technical teams to play with?
- What is the value proposition? (Cost reduction, Compliance, Process efficiencies?)
- In the current economic climate, what is the ROI for capital spend?
- Who are the key stakeholders?
- When should they be engaged?
- What different agendas are in play and does it matter?

 Key Challenge #2: Deciding who has Ownership of Risk and GRC

- Who has ownership for GRC and does this depend on the operating model? (Single central GRC instance vs. local implementations?)
- Is it Finance, compliance, security?
- How will an implementation be funded?
- What impact does funding have on:

  • Design
  • Roll-out strategy
  • Managing multiple implementations

Key Challenge #3:  Getting stakeholder engagement

Roles and responsibilities:
Sometimes difficult to differentiate between project and business activity
- Is there really business commitment to delivering the project?
- Expectation management
- One-time activity or on-going commitment required
- Automation doesn’t necessarily mean less work!

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