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Top 10 Transactions for BWA Management

by Dr. Berg

April 7, 2011

 By. Dr. Berg

BW-Accelerator is no-longer a technology toddler. It has reached school age and many of the childhood limitations are no longer present. Actually, it can now deliver on many of the promises of this 21st century technology by giving SAP customers the ability to remove InfoCubes from their system landscape.

This alone is a good reason to employ the technology.  You no longer have to wait for slow process chains and pay for duplicated data storage space. Instead, you can simply load all data from DSOs right into fast in-memory indexes. So how do you use BWA?  Here are a few ideas:

Top-10 BWA Management Transaction and Programs

1. SAP BW Accelerator is accessed by queries and also by any job the use the application programming interface (SAPRSDRI_INFOPROV_READ) or the data read transaction (LISTCUBE) or any of the OLAP interfaces to 3rd party tools. So pretty much any data read is faster, not just BEx queries.

 2. The admin interface is available under the transaction code RSDDBWAMON/RSDDBIAMON and provide for a single simple user interface that is fast to learn. From here you can: 

  • Restart BIA server: restarts all the BI accelerator servers and services.
  • Restart BIA Index Server: restart the index server.
  • Reorganize BIA Landscape: If the BI accelerator server landscape is unevenly distributed, redistributes the loaded indexes on the BI accelerator servers.
  • Rebuild BIA Indexes: If a check discovers inconsistencies in the indexes, delete and rebuild the BI accelerator indexes.

3. Health checks for BWA are available under the transaction code RSRV, so it is easy to see how the system is performing.

4. You can see if anyone is using the BWA indexes in “RSDDSTATBIAUSE” and usage details are also available in ‘RSRT’ after patch 16. “RSDDSTATBIAUSE” is a table [added: 4/24]

5. You can turn-off the BWA use for individual users in transaction code SU01

6. You can turn off the BWA index query availability for Infocubes through the transaction “RSDDBIAMON2”

7. You can check your installation using the function module program [edited 4/24]  'TREX_CHECK_BIA_INSTALLATION’

8. You can use the ABAP program ‘’ZZ_SET_QUERY_NOHPA_FLAG to turn off BWA access for single queries in the RSRREPDIR table (note:1161525)

 9. In TREXADMIN you can see the number of records in the BWA indexed Infocube. Select the RFC Server, Execute, Click on tab “Index Admin”. For each InfoCube select BIA as the Index ID. The records are equal to the # of documents. This is also available in: RSDDV- BIA Indexes and SE16 – RSDDTREXDIR

 10. You can check global parameters in RSRV and you can change global parameters in RSBATCH and RSDDBIAMON

 A final hint is that customer with existing BI systems and data loaded can get good sizing and compression estimates b y running the SAP program available in SAP Note: 917803. Customers without a current BW system can use the integrated key sizing parameters for SAP BW Accelerator in the tool “Quick Sizer”. You can give it a try at: (requires login credentials for the SAP Service Marketplace).


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Bjarne Berg

9/25/2013 8:53:59 PM

Hi Vitaliy. Yes, you make two correct classification points: 'TREX_CHECK_BIA_INSTALLATION’ is a function module, not a program and RSDDSTATBIAUSE is a table, not a transaction (see updated blog). However, the critique goes somewhat off target and reads things not written. For example, the fact that LISTCUBE does not use BWA by default only when "aggregate" field is checked". That is correct, but the point was that BWA could be used for more than just queries, nor did the post does not claim that it was set by "default". Second, nowhere in the post does it say you should change rebuild all instead of individual indexes from RSDDBIAMON. Nor that SU01 is for turning off BWA for individual queries.
But you make one good observation: I gave two metholds for looking the index size: "in TREXADMIN you can see the number of records in the BWA indexed Infocube...." and commented "this is also available in: RSDDV- BIA Indexes and SE16 – RSDDTREXDIR", the latter method provides in fact an estimation based on stats, not actuals. So taking this together, I do not agree that the blog contains any 'bad advice', but could probably have been improved and be more complete if written in complete sentence forms, instead of a bulleted list.

Vitaliy Rudnytskiy

9/25/2013 8:53:59 PM

I have huge respect for Dr. Berg. But the quality of this post with so many errors and bad advises was just shocking for me.
1. LISTCUBE does not use BWA by default; only when "aggregate" field is checked.
2. You certainly should not use "Rebuild BIA Indexes" from RSDDBIAMON, but should rebuild individual BWA Indexes.
4. RSDDSTATBIAUSE is a table, not the transaction.
5. You use SU01 to turn of BWA for individual users, not for individual queries.
7. 'TREX_CHECK_BIA_INSTALLATION’ is a function module, not program. You do not need to do it this fancy way, instead you can just do the same from tx RSDDBIAMON.
Btw, the output of this check may be incorrect in case of heterogeneous BWA landscape.
9. Indeed you can see exact number of records (documents) in TREXADMIN. But RSDDV does not show number of records, but only estimation from db statistics.