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Enhance the SAP ERP Employee Interaction Center to Allow for Easier Searches by Agents

by The Tip Doctor

August 10, 2011

The following tip is taken from the HR Expert article “Employee Interaction Center: Six Key Learning Points to Consider in an Implementation by Vinay Naithani, published in January 2011.

In my experience in implementing the Employee Interaction Center (EIC), I have come across numerous business requirements that are non-standard. You can fulfill them only through custom developments and enhancements. Here is one such enhancement.

Align Notification Numbers and Activity Numbers

Employees who have a query can submit a request via a self-service link. The self-service link opens an Adobe form in which they can enter details and then submit their request. All such queries submitted through self-services are treated by SAP as Web requests. These Web requests are received by EIC agents in their EIC inbox. The agents can process the Web request and create an activity with a unique activity number.
When employees submit a Web request they receive a notification number for reference purposes. This notification number, however, is not the same as the activi ty number, which is generated once the Web request is turned into an activity by an EIC agent. Moreover, there is no way you can search an activity in EIC based on the notification number. This can be an issue if an employee refers to the notification number and is not aware of the activity number.
One option to resolve this is to enhance the activity search screen in EIC to allow EIC agents to search an activity using the notification number. This requires custom development and enhancement of the Business Server Page (BSP) application for EIC.

Here's an example of how we achieved this for one of our clients. We created a custom table that is updated with the notification number, creation date, and creation time every time an employee submits a Web request. Web requests are usually delivered to EIC agents in their EIC inbox, where the agent can process them and convert them into an activity. When an agent selects a Web request and clicks the Process button, the system calls a custom class to read the notification number from the custom table and updates the custom table with the activity number once the activity is created.
We then enhanced the activity search screen to add a field for the notification number where an agent can input the notification number and search for an activity. We created an enhancement in the class CL_HREIC_ACTIVITYSEARC_IMPL_VP, which is used for activity search. Like all applications there is always more than one way of meeting a non-standard requirement and this is one example.

Find more enhancements for the SAP ERP EIC in Vinay’s full article on HR Expert.

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