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Having Problems With Pre-Booking Errors? Read This.

by Margaret Hein

August 18, 2011

By M.S. Hein, HR Expert

The following tip is taken from the HR Expert article “A Step-by-Step Process for Managing Pre-Booking Errors” by Manual Gallardo, published in August 2011.

The most recent HR Expert article by Manuel Gallardo (a noted SAP ERP HCM system architect) is about a common user error he frequently encounters: “Prebooking exists for this employee” when maintaining employee data. He explains the reason users are getting this error message, and well as step-by-step instructions about two techniques you can use to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

His article, “A Step-by-Step Process for Managing Pre-Booking Errors,” posted online on HR Expert on August 16, 2011, provides insight into the events that trigger an employee master data pre-booking lock. You also learn about two different methods for removing the lock and drill down on the pre-booking lock configuration steps.

This excerpt from the article explains one method, which is to manually execute an organizational reassignment.

You access transaction PA40 and exec ute the organizational reassignment action. The required data for the action (date of the personnel action, type of action, and position) is automatically transferred to infotype 0000 (action). The system then displays the message “Flag for [NNNNNNNN] was deleted” once infotype 0001 is saved (Figure 1).


Figure 1 The personnel number pre-booking lock is removed

(If you are already a subscriber to HR Expert, you can read a complete version of his article here:  “A Step-by-Step Process for Managing Pre-Booking Errors,” by Manuel Gallardo.)

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