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How to set up BPM for alternate notifications of batch job log errors

by Scott Priest, Editorial Director

August 19, 2011

One of the strengths of SAP Solution Manager is its monitoring capabilities. Theo van Kaathoven of Certifica Automatisering BV discusses one such capability in his latest Solution Manager Expert article, "Monitor Batch Jobs Log Errors with Business Process Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager." 

Theo focuses the article on the business process monitoring (BPM) functionality related the batch job log errors. BPM allows Solution Manager users to monitor the errors that result in batch jobs, which allows for quicker reactions and greater error reduction.

After going through some prerequisites, Theo shows how to set up BPM, focusing on key actions such as basic settings, logical components, and monitoring and analysis tools. Here is an excerpt from the "Notifications and Service Desk" section of the article, wherein he details how to set up an alternate way to be notified:

As an alternative to the standard notification via SAPconnect (email), you can trigger any customer-specific auto-notification mechanism in an impl ementation for BADI_CUSTOM_MESSAGE. Specify the filter value and set the flags in the Auto. Notif. Active and Auto. Custom. Notif. Active columns.

Here are a few things to keep in mind during the setup of notifications:

  1. The user specified as the sender must exist in the client of the SAP Solution Manager system in which you have configured BPM. This user must have an email address that is recognized by the mail server used.
  2. Only one entry can be made for each monitoring object. It is not possible to add new lines to the tables. To send notifications to several recipient addresses, use distribution lists in the SAP Business Workplace (transaction code SBWP), or in your office software.
  3. The user used in the internal RFC destination BPM_LOCAL_, normally SM_BPMO, must be authorized to create notifications (send orders) in SAPconnect (transaction SCOT).
  4. The F4 input help for the recipient address contains information from the contacts maintained for the solution (follow menu path Solution Landscape Maintenance > Contacts).
  5. If the Auto. Notif. Active flag is not set, no notifications are sent.

For the full article, Solution Manager Expert subscribers can go here. For more information about Solution Manager Expert, go here.

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