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Reversing CO-PA documents

by Paul Ovigele

August 14, 2011

Paul Ovigele, Ovigele Consulting

The Controlling Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) module is one that inherits most of its actual data from other modules. Transactions which are made from modules such as Sales and Distribution, Materials Management, Product Costing, Project Systems and the General Ledger can be updated to CO-PA if the value field assignment and characteristic derivations have been made correctly. In that regards, if an error occurred in any of the source modules which led to incorrect CO-PA postings, the recommended way to correct these errors would be to make a reversal in the source module which will ultimately reverse the CO-PA document as well. However, there are times when postings are made to CO-PA alone, by using transaction KE21N. This could be an adjustment posting for reporting purposes or a balancing entry to reconcile CO-PA with the general ledger. Whatever the reason is, it is not always easy figuring out how to reverse these documents. One option would be to post the same entry using transaction KE21N but reverse the signs entered in the value fields. That would work well, unless you had numerous documents that you needed to reverse which would make it cumbersome to post each one again.

A transaction that you can use to cancel CO-PA documents, and is not widely known is KE4S00. This transaction does not exist in the CO-PA application menu path (unlike other reversal transactions such as FB08 for FI documents, VF11 for billing documents, etc which can easily be located in the same menu area as its corresponding ‘create’ transaction) which is probably why it is not easily accessible.

To use  transaction KE4S00, you need to be specific about the data that you want to delete. The last thing that you would want is to de lete a CO-PA document inadvertently. Especially one that was posted from a separate source module, as it will leave CO-PA and the general ledger (or other module) out of balance. I would recommend that you first display the CO-PA documents that you want to delete by using transaction KE24. Minimum information that you would need to enter is the Operating Concern, Record type and Period/Year. If you want to be more specific you can enter the CO-PA document number in the ‘Document Number’ field, or the source module document number (i.e. the accounting document number, billing document number, etc.) in the ‘Reference Document Number’ field.

When you execute transaction KE4S00 you will get a log message telling you the number of line items that have been read, cancelled and logically deleted (if you selected that option). If you did not select the ‘Logical Delete’ checkbox, the source document will show two CO-PA lines (when you display the accounting documents for that document): one will be the original document and the other will be the cancellation document. If you did select the ‘Logical Delete’ checkbox there will no longer be a CO-PA document linked to the original document. Also, the system will delete the reference document number from the source transaction. You can select this option if you do not plan to repost the document from the source module (e.g. from FI or SD).

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