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A consideration for upgrading your portal

by Scott Priest, Editorial Director

December 1, 2011

SAP NetWeaver 7.3 has included many enhancements across the board, and the latest version of the Portal is no different. Of course, this is true of any new release of any application of piece of technology. But are the benefits enough to motivate you to upgrade?

This is the question evaluated by portal expert and IBM India advisory system analyst Ameya Pimpalgaonkar in his latest SAP Professional Journal article, "5 Considerations for Upgrading Your Portal." In the article, he talks about SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3's potential impact on your overhead costs and effort, look and feel, ability to leverage the latest technologies, ease of development and enhancement, and the ability to decrease the use of hard code. I'll share his thoughts on development and enhancement opportunities below:

4. Ease of Development and Enhancement Possibilities

A drag-and-drop effect in a tree element in Web Dynpro Java or Portal JSPDynpage (a development framework that can be used in SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio and that can use scripts such as JavaScript or jQuery) is not possible in 7.0. With SAP NetWeaver Development Studio for SAP NetWeaver CE 7.2, you have two new actions: OnDragSourceInfo and OnDropTargetInfo. These allow you to drag a node element and drop a certain position in the tree. However, this action does not remove it from the old position. You have to write code to remove the element from its old position.

With the release of 7.3, programming and upgrading are easier. You no longer have to plan downtime of your system, which affects end users and the business indirectly. The upgrade mechanism of 7.3 has a functionality that replicates your production environment and then upgrades it instead of upgrading the actual production server. Once the upgrade is done, it simply replaces the old production server with the upgraded server. This functionality actually gives you zero-percent downtime.

Ameya has previously covered portal technology for us in a number of articles, including "Accelerate Your Executions by Using jQuery in SAP NetWeaver Portal Components" and "6 Ways to Customize Your SAP NetWeaver Portal Pages for Maximum Impact." SPJ isn't the only place Ameya shares his knowledge. He also maintains his personal blog,, where he talks portal and other technology. 

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