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Easily implement shift notes and reports with this two-part article

by Laura Casasanto

December 15, 2011

If you’re looking for a better way to keep track of events/issues in your supply chain during the course of the day, shift notes are a great solution. SCM Expert author Jawad Akhtar explained the benefits they bring as well as how to implement and use them, in part 1 of his two part article “How to Configure and Implement Shift Notes and Shift Reports in PP and PM.” In part 2, he details how to implement and use shift reports to output data from a collection of shift notes. He wrote the articles based on his experience successfully implementing shift notes and reports in three different projects.


As Jawad explains:

"Shift notes are integral when, for example, during a night shift, a machine malfunction results in defective products being produced. The machine has to be immediately stopped by the line supervisor and corrective actions need to be taken, such as adjusting the gauges and the heating temperature. After these adjustments are made, the machine then begins t o work at the optimum level. At the end of his shift, the line supervisor records all the pertinent information related to this event in a shift note, including:

  • Shift time when the problem occurred
  • On which machine the problem occurred
  • The production order number of that night shift
  • Types of problems encountered
  • Checks conducted to ascertain the root cause analysis of the problems
  • Corrective actions taken
  • How long it took to fix the problem
  • Any preventive maintenance or other suggestions that can help in ensuring that the same does not reoccur in future

The next day, when the line manager reviews the previous day’s shift notes, he or she has all the necessary information on the issue that occurred, and can also add further instructions or engage relevant departments or persons as deemed necessary. All of this comprehensive information also acts as a reference to someone encountering a similar problem in the future."


Check out Jawad’s in depth shift notes and shift reports instruction on

-Laura, SCM Expert

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