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Getting Your Head Into the Cloud

by Graceanne Bowe

December 12, 2011

by Graceanne Bowe, SAPinsider

Yes, you read that right.  More and more, companies running SAP are considering cloud-based architectures.  The promises of reduced costs, easy scalability, and greater accessibility are tantalizing lures beckoning to companies under greater pressure than ever to do more with less.  However, as everyone in technology knows, there are never any magic bullets. Cloud computing also brings with it a host of security concerns, not to mention availability fears in the event the Internet goes down. 

The blog  To Be, or Not to Be in the Cloud…That is the Question: Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing outlines the pros and cons in greater detail.  And SAPinsider’s Cloud & Virtualization 2012 event offers different viewpoints from SAP, actual customers operating in cloud environments, and third-party experts and technology providers to help you make informed cloud decisions based on a variety of perspectives.

What is your company doing to prepare for the cloud?  And what are you, as an IT professional, doing to get your head into the cloud and update your skill set to operate in a cloud environment?  Please post your comments here.

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