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Tips for setting up your org structure based on reporting relationships

by Amy Thistle

December 6, 2011

This HR tip comes courtesy of Alma Nunley of Whitaker-Taylor, who spoke at our HR 2011 event. Staffing your SAP project with the right resources is a critical success factor and a major cost component for implementations, roll-outs, upgrades and enhancement pack cycles.

 SAP reporting relationships link organizational objects

  • Relationships create the reporting hierarchy
  • Relationships can also allow master data to default for an employee record
  • A relationship between a position, employee group, and employee subgroup would cause the employee group and subgroup to default on an employee record when the position was selected in a master data change

A002/Reports is the standard reporting relationship between organizational units

  • Organizational units do not have to be in the same company to report to one another
  • Each organizational unit should be a logical group of people reporting to another
  • This relationship can also exist between positions, but it is not the standard reporting relationship for positions

A012/Manages is the “chief” relationship

  • The chief relationship designates which position in each organizational unit is the supervisor or manager
  • The chief in an organizational unit has visibility to all employees in that organizational unit and can approve tasks for those e mployees
  • If other relationships exist on those employee records they may override the chief relationships
  • There should only ever be one chief per organizational unit

A002 is a one-to-one relationship

  • One position reports to one position
  • It can be used for overrides of standard chief relationships, but caution must be used
  • It is high maintenance on a larger scale

A012 is a one-to-many relationship

  • All positions in an organization unit reports to one position
  • It is clearly visible in PPOSE and PPOME
  • It is easy to maintain on a larger scale

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