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Business on-the-go: The BI mobility boom

by Kristin Bent

February 14, 2011

I remember taking computer class when I was in elementary school. My fellow third graders and I would pile into the room, boot up our enormous desktops, and try our luck at navigation. Praying for enough time to squeeze in some Oregon Trail before period’s end, we would frantically type “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” over and over again. After saving all progress onto our very own floppy disks, our teacher would pick us up, and lead us back to homeroom.

Oh, how things have changed. Floppy disks and Oregon Trail have been replaced with USBs and FarmVille. Third-grade computer class is no longer a must, as kids are iPad-savvy at age 6. We have BlackBerries that keep us up-to-speed at any time, and any place.

With such fast and constant technological evolution, it can be hard to keep up. Either way, we can’t deny the importance of trying. Mobile technology, for example, is one of the business world’s hottest trends. Without creating a mobility strategy of your own, your organization risks losing a competitive edge and not progressing as quickly as industry counterparts.

In their article, The future of business: Mobile technology, Bill McDermott and Jim Hagemann Snabe, co-CEOs of SAP AG, discuss the growing business need to “go mobile” and stress the importance of incorporating mobility into your own BI strategy.

There are some 4.6 billion mobile telephones on this planet, but the real impact of mobile communications is yet to come. As software companies get more involved in mobile communications, we will see leaps similar to those that transformed the computer industry. The explosion in software benefited businesses, streamlined processes, improved efficiency, and enabled completely new business models. Remarkable prosperity followed, not only in the developed world but all across the globe.

We are on the cusp of a similar boom – this time, with mobile phones. Mobile devices will soon take the place occupied by desktops as businesses keep innovating mobile software platforms to deliver and change the way businesses and consumers operate.

In addition to the above article, there are a handful of sessions dedicated to mobility at the BI 2011 event this March, offering insight, statistics, and best practices. For more information on these sessions, and the speakers delivering them, you can check on the BI 2011 web site.

So, what is your team’s mobile BI strategy? How do you plan to interact with and grow from the mobility “boom” we can expect to see over the coming year?

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