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Find out about user parameters to change ALV variants in sales and distribution

by The Tip Doctor

February 10, 2011

Tip Doctor, Insider Learning Network.

This SAP SCM tip comes from an article written by Maria Nikolova, SAP senior expert at National Electric Company in Bulgaria. The advice was posted in December 2010 to SCM Expert, the leading independent online knowledgebase for professionals who manage and support SAP SCM activities.

You can prevent changes to SAP List Viewer (ALV) report layouts in sales and distribution (SD) by activating the save ALV variants functionality.

When a user working with SD reports wants to save an ALV variant, it is common that the option to save the layout is grayed out and disabled. This occurs even if the user has the SAP_ALL authorization.

A user parameter for maintaining authorizations allows you to save those variants and make them available for users.

Users who want to manage the Save Variants function in SD reporting should ask the authorizatio ns administrator to define the parameter in the user role. In the standard system, this parameter is not activated by default. When the administer changes the parameter, the user does not need to log on again to activate the authorizations.

Table 1 shows all possible values for parameter SD_VARIANT_MAINTAIN. Standard variants can be used by all users in the system, but user-specific variants can be used only by the user, who has created the variant.


For further details about how to activate Save ALV Variants in SD reporting, review SAP Notes 413511 “Authorizations for variant maintenance in ALV I” and 300633 “General administration and setting information for ALV variant.” You have to log on to the SAP Service Marketplace to access the SAP Note database.

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