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How to establish and track key performance indicators (KPIs)

by Allison Martin

February 21, 2011

In today’s business environment, it’s really important for a company to measure and monitor performance on both a strategic and operational level. Doing so provides employees with more quantifiable and measurable goals, and gives the company a way to better assess how its doing in terms of the targets that have been set.

Attend this year’s Financials 2011 keynote session ( on March 9 at 8:30am and get two unique perspectives on KPIs and how they affect your business. Don’t miss out on hearing Joel Bernstein, CFO, SAP North America provide his real world experiences as he describes the different KPIs that SAP uses. Then listen in as James Fisher, Vice President, Marketing Finance and EPM Solutions at SAP discusses how existing and newly updated SAP functionality maps to these.

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Keeping the Lights On and Trusted Advisor: Balancing Finance Roles in Today’s Economic Environment
What changes for finance as the economy shows signs of recovery and customer buying behaviors, as well as the business models used to support them, have been irrevocably altered? The answer requires finance to have better insights into more diverse investments, deploy lower cost models, implement cost controls on traditional models, and tightly manage risk and opportunity. In this keynote address, SAP North America CFO, Joel Bernstein, provides a first-hand account of how SAP has addressed these challenges. This includes a look at the KPIs SAP uses, its processes to mitigate risk and get ahead of the actuals, and the technologies the finance organization leverages to provide insights to more people. On the cutting edge of innovation for finance, Bernstein’s insights offer surprising lessons and a candid appraisal of the levers, trade-offs, and technologies that drive (or hinder) superior performance.

Finance KPIs in 2011: Updates for SAP Customers
Across the SAP customer base, CFOs employ a broad range of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to set and monitor performance objectives. KPIs measure the efficacy of everything from the financial close process and accounts receivables function to true indicators of business performance including total stakeholder return. This keynote explores the nine KPIs now deemed most important and the leading strategies for addressing the priorities these KPIs represent. This is an opportunity to see how existing and newly updated SAP functionality maps to your organization’s leading KPIs for finance.

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