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Sentiment Analysis tops the Trends List for FIN 2011 Conference

by William Newman

February 25, 2011

This coming FIN 2011 conference will yield some new developments in both the direction as well as some of the partner capabilities emerging in the area of strategic collaboration, financial mobility, and in-memory analytics.

Leading the list will be early work that SAP in conjunction with its partners Column5 and Cipher BSC will present in the area of collaboration and sentiment analysis.  Sentiment analysis - and in a more contained form called "crowdsourcing" - polls individuals and groups for the opinion and sentiment and can aggregate that back to management for direction.  How well will the new purchasing guidelines be accepted? Can they be implemented on time? Does the policy make sense? Do we have the staff capable to do this work? When will the change impact me? These change leadership questions can be associated to strategic initiatives inside SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management and articulated via an integration tool to SAP StreamWork, a relatively new, very intuitive group sharing platform leveraging many personal benefits of corporate social media.

Another area I am very interested to see is the development of mobility in areas that seem as mundane as - well - paying and approving expense reporting.  Richard Barrett from SAP has blo gged about days where "approving your expense reports in the back of a taxi" are not too far away. We will see more of these quick utility-like financial apps coming out over the years and I am eager to see what's next.

Finally you KNOW there is going to be some big - new - next announcement about SAP HANA, the in-memory analytic application that makes batch processing about as today as watching Howdy Doody on a Westinghouse black and white television.  There are HANA-based applications already taking advantage of this appliance, look for these to be part of one or more discussion points during the conference keynote addresses.

For more information on the Strategy Management - StreamWork integration, please visit the Column5 booth at the exhibit hall, and plan to attend my session entitled, "Optimize Enterprise Performance by Aligning and Reconciling Key Performance Indicators across Multiple Functional Areas" at FIN 2011.

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