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BW 7.3 Feature map

by Dr. Berg

January 5, 2011

By Dr. Berg

I was recently asked by a client to put together a map of major new features in the last four versions of SAP Business Warehouse, so that he could make the decision if he wanted to upgrade to BW 7.1 or wait and do BW 7.3 in the spring instead (there are no 7.2 version, since it was cancelled by SAP in February 2010).

So here is a quick attempt at mapping the new features of BW 3.5, 7.0, 7.1 and 7.3. It is important to note that these are the major differences and smaller changes that I subjectivly deemed interesting but 'cluttering' has been left off this table.

Have fun...


SAP BW 3.5

SAP NW 7.0

7.01/ (7.0 Enhp1)

SAP BW 7.3


Added more standard extractors & introduced LO extractors (instead of LIS). Universal Data Integrator (UDI) based on JDBC is available. Parallel load possible.

Changed update & transfer rules to a new Data Transfer process (DTP) concept & redesigned load processing.< /span>

No major new features (compared to BW 7.0)

New graphical developer interface & new dataflow wizards for faster development. External delta extraction can be done with DB connect, UD connect, flat files & web services. Init & delta packages for SAP extraction is merged. New data source called "web service pull" is added. Can schedule data loads & extractions using BOBJ data services. The RSPCM has many new added features for better process chain monitoring. "Dummy" source systems can be created for d evelopment purposes. DTP requests can be archived (faster loads). New MDX test editor for debugging of errors is available.


Kept the 3.1c PSA unchanged

Converted PSA to new DTP PSA

No major new features (compared to BW 7.0)

Increased load performance by ability to re-package s mall data packages within a request to bigger packages. Can use DTPs to load from Multiproviders. Automatic mapping of DataSource to InfoObjects. Ability to change data type & length from source. New abilities for deleting PSA/change Log

Data stores

Allowed for querying against ODSs without InfoSets query

New write optimized Data Store Objects (DSOs) available with simplified load logic & logging.

A few new data stores available in 7.1 content release. Most content is from Enhancement pack 1 (Ehp 1) and content release 7.0.5

Activation is changed from single lookups to package fetch of active table (20-40% faster activation). Support for  database partitioning by time characteristics & ability to remodeling for Data Store objects without reloads. Consistency checks for write optimized DSOs can be turned off (faster loads).

Info Cubes

Introduced 'line item' dimensions to remove table joins & increased performance

More content specifically for Finance close & SCM. Also the introduction of MultiProviders & NearLine storage (NLS) with ability to reduce database size.

A few new infoCubes are available in 7.1 content release. Most content is from Enhanceme nt pack 1 (Ehp 1) and content release 7.0.5

Semantic partitioning Objects (SPO) wizards allows for automated partitioning of large objects & thereby increased performance. No need for hints on multiproviders. New Hybrid provider allows link between historical data in InfoCubes & latest updates in DSOs (faster data access). Improved NLS capabilities



Strongly recommended but not required.

Strongly recommended but not required.

Strongly recommended but not required.


Moved to Portal security

New security admin interface & conversion of all security to new 'analysis authorization' concept. 18 new security objects is available.

Encryption for mobile data is enhanced

Ability to do mass changes for authorizations for users, hierarchies & nodes (faster development & maintenance)


More Admin workbench features including performance monitoring & index checks

Introduces a new Admin workbench for developers & also a new 'remodeling toolbox'

No major new features

New Admin cockpit monitor for DB usage & issues. New wizard based configuration for installs. New real-time data acquisitioning (RDA) monitor. Central performance monitoring of multiple BW systems possible in Solution Manager. Queries are displayed with OLAP cache & BWA status & usage.  Improved search feature in RSA1. Ability to delete historical data from internal statistical cubes. New available version management for metadata objects.

Query & OLAP tools

BEx web has minor changes compared with BW3.1.c, Workbooks are unchanged, except for XML support

Query Designer is completely rewritten in Visual basic & looks very different. Report Designer for fo rmatted reporting is a new tool.

No major new features

Queries can be used as an Infoprovider. Report Designer is discontinued. BEx query designer remains the core query tool. BEx tools are unchanged, but improved features are available in BOBJ Analysis and WebIntelligence.

Web tools

Web Application Designer is mostly unchanged from 3.1c. The Internet graphics server (IGS) is the backbone, & publishing to KM portal folders is possible

Web Application Designer (WAD) is completely rewritten (new).

Pre-delivered templates for mobile computing & smaller screens

Web Application Designer remains, but BI Services Connectors (BICS) is a better solution for Xcelsisus, WebI and Analysis tools.

Ad-hoc querying

The web based BEx Ad-hoc query designer is kept from 3.1c with minor enhancements

Ad-hoc query designer is removed (BOBJ WebI fulfills this need)

No major new features

The use of WebI can be through LiveOffice, BICS, OLAP & SQL Universes, QaaWs and Data Federator for accelerated (BWA) or non-accelerated ad-hoc querying (can also be used for any 7.x system)< o:p>

In memory process-ing

Not a standard feature

BI Accelerator (BIA) appliance is introduced & temporarily called High Performance Analytics (HPA).

No major new features

BWA 7.2 enabled. Can index DSO, supports exception aggregation, new calculation engine for restrictive and calculated key figures (RKF/CKF). InfoCubes can now be kept in BWA only (i.e. keep only DSOs in BW). Analytical Indexes (AI) can be made with summarized or transformed data. New APD support for BWA objects (can be used for stats & data mining purposes). Can join multiple indexed objects.


BEx Broadcaster is included & the old Reporting Agent is available in the background (retired)< /p>

BEx broadcaster bursting & new distribution types/methods. Composite Alert framework is available (Java is required).

No major new features

No major new features


New SAP GUI required (6.2/6.4)

New SAP GUI 7 required

Not required for mobile computing, & no major changes for backend GUI requirements

GUI 7 required


Business Planning & Simulation (BPS) is bundled with BW. Integrated Planning (IP) is available

Feeds to external Business Planning & Consolidation (BPC) is available & BPC on NetWeaver possible.

Ability to input data from mobile devices using 'retractors' & IP features. Statistic data is collected for IP events & integrated to Admin Cockpit. Ability to lock Individual cells in a planning layout.

New ABAP Planning Modeler (does not require java install).

Mobile Comput-ing

External interfaces or through WAD applications

No major changes from BW 3.5

This is essentially a 7.0.3 content release with significantly enhanced mobile computing abilities & note fixes

A few enhancements and fixes that were contained in notes




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Vitaliy Rudnytskiy

9/25/2013 8:51:20 PM

BW 7.1 was used in other SAP products, but was never released as a stand alone product. So, I assume 3rd column is 7.01, 7.0 Enhancement Pack 1?