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How is SAP NetWeaver like John Cleese?

by Dave Hannon

January 4, 2011

A while back I heard the British comedian John Cleese had died. I was a bit saddened because I always liked his comedy from Monty Python and Fawlty Towers and even his guest spots on Will & Grace, but I really never questioned his death, mostly because I hadn’t heard much about him. I figured, “If he’s an actor and he’s not in a recent movie, then sure, he’s probably dead.”

It turns out he isn’t dead at all. He’s alive and well and actually quite active on the web tweeting @johncleese, blogging and producing podcasts, err, “headcasts.”

I guess you could say SAP NetWeaver is sort of the John Cleese of the enterprise applications world. SAP NetWeaver never went anywhere and it was never even “sick” but people started to think it might be, well, an “ex-parrot,” (in the words of a famous Cleese character) because they hadn’t heard much about it.

In fact, like Cleese, SAP NetWeaver is still very active. It remains the primary technology platform for SAP, happily doing its very relevant work behind the scenes, while some other “stars” like mobile, BI and on-demand apps have grabbed some of the recent headlines. But just as many new comedic actors have Cleese to thank for providing a launching pad, SAP’s latest star apps can thank SAP NetWeaver for such a strong foundation.

To find out what’s up with SAP NetWeaver, take a look at Aiaz Kazi’s article in the most recent issue of SAP insider. In the Q&A, Kazi responds frankly to some SAP users’ most common questions about the current state and future outlook for SAP NetWeaver.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the cheese shop for some, red Leicester? Tilsit? How about four ounces of caerphilly? Bel Paese?

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