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How to Ensure Your BI Adds "I" to the "B"

by Dave Hannon

January 5, 2011

Dave Hannon

In a recent conversation with two SAP users -- one from the business side, one from the IT side -- I asked about the risk of going "reporting crazy" during an SAP implementation, when so much new data is becoming available. As you might expect, the IT person saw his role as reigning in the business folks because "if you let them, they'd create reports on everything." And the business-side person took a different stand, touting the value of reporting to the business. Both made very compelling cases, I must say, and left me pondering the topic.

So that's the rub with business intelligence. Knowing how much BI is enough, and how much is too much. I found a very succint answer to that question in this month's SAP insider special report on BI. In the opening article, Sanjay J. Poonen, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Business Analytics, Line of Business, Industry Solutions and Sales at SAP, listed five key qualities that distinguish BI. In short, he said BI must be: actionable, intuitive, collaborative, fast, and accessible.

Poonen says BI should be less about making people more efficient in their jobs and more about making people more effective in their work.

His article sets a positive and educational tone and the rest of the special report is a must-read for any SAP customer -- heck, any enterprise -- struggling with what makes busines intelligence, well, intelligent and not just a massive pile of unused data.

Read the speacial report here: 2011 Guide to Best-in-Class BI Service and Solution Providers

And, as always, I'd love to hear your thoughts on BI.

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