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Why does Fruit Ninja remind me of GRC?

by Andrea Haynes, Senior Editor, SAPinsider

January 18, 2011

By Andrea Haynes SAPexperts

Anyone else addicted to playing Fruit Ninja on their iPAD?

The idea is that you seize opportunities to slice fruit. If you slice three at once you get extra points, and if you happen to slice an elusive banana that’s extra too. You have to watch out for the risk, though, of the occasional purple bomb that surprises you. Slice that and you lose points.

It’s like running a company, looking for opportunities and trying to avoid risks at top speed. Norman Marks, VP at SAP and evangelist for SAP BusinessObjects, says companies need to be prepared to react fast to both opportunities and risks.

In a Q&A with Project Expert (“GRC Explained: A New Way of Looking at Risk”) he says that companies don’t get a lot of early warning of a potential obstacle or adverse event anymore. “Something comes up and you have very little time to react. There’s an article in the National Association of Corporate Directors magazine where someone said that these days with blogging and tweeting and everything else, the time that boards have to respond is five minutes. That’s the time between when an event occurs and when it hits the media. Now that may be an exaggeration, but it’s very graphic. Business has to operate faster and you have to manage risk at the speed of business. You have to be able to make decisions quickly. Agility really means dancing these days. An agile corporation is not one where something comes up and it takes a month to decide what to d o.”

 He goes on to say that governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) “is all about intelligent management, it is not about technology. Technology can enable you to do it better, but a fool with a tool is still a fool.” For more on his views about GRC, see an excerpt on Insider Learning Network. The entire Q&A (available by license) is at Project Expert - Q&A: GRC Explained: A New Way of Looking at Risk. You can check out Editor Laura Casasanto’s comments on her interview with Marks in her blog on Insider Learning Network.

For more on what GRC means to an organization, register to read GRC Explained: A New Way of Looking at Risk, an exclusive Q&A with Norman Marks, an SAP vice president and GRC evangelist. Previously only available to Project Expert subscribers, this interview digs deep into the important steps every company must take to achieve a rock-solid GRC strategy. You are also invited to join Norman Marks in the Compliance forum the week of February 21 to ask your specific questions about your own challenges in creating a sound GRC strategy. Register today.   






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Jacquelyn Howard

9/25/2013 8:51:37 PM

Great analogy!