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Discover the effectiveness of Learning Maps for hosting documentation

by Scott Priest, Editorial Director

July 22, 2011

One of the most important parts of SAP Solution Manager is its ability to store and organize documentation during implementations. Storing this documentation has several uses -- as a record of what happened, for a reminder for users involved in the project, and for training future end users who are unfamiliar with the functionality.

In his latest Solution Manager Expert article, Solution Manager team lead Rohan Parikh introduces you to Learning Maps. Learning Maps allow you to store this training material or documentation for future use. Rohan covers the features, setup, step-by-step configuration, and maintenance of Learning Maps in the article. He also discusses useful scenarios for Learning Maps, which I'll share here:

Of course, the most important use as SAP intended is for the storing and publishing of training material in the Realization phase of an SAP project. This can be tailored to specific users or groups. As you have seen, you can access it through a Web browser without the need for an SAP Solution Manager login.

The material also remains up to date and centralized with one area (transaction SOLAR02) for maintenance. Training material can also quickly be distributed using Learning Maps after a project, after an implementation, or after change in operations or functionality.

I have also come across an example where a dummy project has been set up quickly with one node and documentation uploaded to it. Then a Learning Map has been created to quickly distribute the documentation to users without SAP access.

In my company, I have created a Learning Map to distribute interface documentation to other business units outside of our department that interface with our SAP systems. This ensures they have the most up-to-date documentation when required and any changes to interfaces are documented and shared immediately with them once uploaded into transaction SOLAR02. The development team is aware of this process and regularly updates the documentation, which in turn updates the Learning Map.

For the full article, Solution Manager Expert subscribers can go here. To learn more about Solution Manager Expert, click here.

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