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Making the Most of Your Enhancement Package 5 for ECM!

by Jeremy Masters

July 18, 2011

by Jeremy Masters, Worklogix

This Wednesday, July 20th at 12:30pm ET please join me here on the Insider Learning Network for my Live Q&A session on making the most of your SAP enhancement package 5 for SAP HCM.

Some of the items that I am sure to cover during the session include the new offerings being released from SAP in the self-service space (ESS and MSS). In fact, most of the new functionality within Enhancement Package 5 is in the ESS and MSS space. There is new ESS functionality, specifically with services such as Personal Profile which takes the place of the standard ESS services (personal data, address, bank info, etc.). Also, there’s a lot of new functionality around CATS and leave management that many customers will find very much improved. On the MSS side, there’s new functionality around Time management (including a team calendar), Enterprise compensation management (including a new compensation profile) as well as an embedded organizational chart to kick off an employee-based HCM form. Some links are provided below for those of you who are interested in getting further information from the source.

I will also be covering some technology changes with EHP5, including the big push recently from SAP to move all services to the Web Dynpro ABAP platform. This is the technology choice of SAP now and going forward for all web-enabled processes. The technology provides easier migration of enhancements up the SAP landscape since the code sits on the SAP application servers, and can be tied to SAP transports that can be tracked throug h to production. Web Dynpro ABAP is the current and at least near future technology for SAP.

One of the most controversial areas of discussion is around the new way that customers can tap into their ESS and MSS services. No longer are the days where SAP customers must have the SAP NetWeaver Portal installed. There are now 2 ways for customers to deploy ESS and MSS services. Customers can still use their SAP NetWeaver portal to house all ESS and MSS applications. But now, additionally, customers can use the new NetWeaver Business Client which does not require the SAP portal to run. This means that customers can more easily integrate with other portals such as SharePoint and WebSphere. Both options give a similar look-and-feel but the NetWeaver Business Client consumes services and directly connects to the backend SAP system.

I will also be able to answer any of your questions on the new business functions (i.e. functionality) available in Enhancement Package 5 for HCM. The new business functions available in EhP5 include:

HCM, Enterprise Services 02:

HCM, Integration with Shared Services Interaction Center:

HCM, Learning Solution 03:

HCM, Administrative Services 03:

HCM, ESS on Web Dynpro ABAP:

HCM, SAP E-Recruiting 4:

HCM, Hire Integration 1:

HCM, Core Processes in Talent Management 02:

HCM, Performance Management 02:

HCM, Enterprise Compensation Management

HCM, Personnel Cost Planning and Simulation:

HCM, PD UI Visualization 01:

That’s it for now, but please register for the e vent and join in the Live Q&A, this Wednesday, July 20th.

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