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SAP's solutions and portfolio strategy straight from the source

by Scott Priest, Editorial Director

July 13, 2011

Some SAP customers have been critical that SAP hasn't always been up front with its strategy, leaving customers to guess when making business-critical commitments to certain software and hardware. SAP president of global solution Sanjay Poonen took a step toward debunking this thought by posting this nine-minute video to YouTube this morning, laying out exactly how SAP views its solution portfolio and strategy into future years.

As you might expect, one of the major focus points of the strategy is mobility. Poonen notes that the number of users on mobile devices will soon outnumber users on desktops, which is part of what fueled the SAP acquisition of Sybase in the first place. That acquisition, in concert with the development of HANA, then fuels the development of Business ByDesign, "the world's first modern, on-demand platform," the use of which he broadens beyond small and medium-sized companies to subsidiaries of larger companies.

One interesting note Poonen makes about HANA: for every $5 companies were spending on business analytics, they were sometimes paying $15 on data warehouses or data marts, or the licensing costs thereof. So HANA represents not only a technological revolution (the use of real-time analytics at 10-, 50-, or 100-times faster speeds), but an opportunity to cut costs.

Through all this, you can see some patterns. The SAP focus going forward is on speed (especially influenced by the foundational "innovation vector," in-memory computing), mobility, and analytics -- with the customer at the center. It's clear that ease-of-use and attractiveness of user interface are front and center -- while also keeping integration as easy as possible to keep IT teams from having to "duct tape" solutions. 

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