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Mobility Can Change the World and Healthcare

by Kevin Benedict

June 22, 2011

My friend Puneet Suppal from SAP wrote a great articlethis week that emphasizes some of the ways mobile technologies can improve and revolutionize the healthcare industry.  It is motivating to read these kinds of stories.  There are so many different ways that mobile technologies can improve things.  Let me highlight just a few.

When I want healthcare or medical answers I routinely look them up on my smartphone.  I simply or any number of other quality sites to read up on the topic.  I found out recently that I am allergic to wheat.  I discovered this by looking up the symptoms and reading about it on my iPhone.  I then scheduled a blood test with my doctor to confirm.  The powerful part of this scenario is that mobile devices and smartphones can enable anyone, any place in the world that has access to the internet, the same capabilities for accessing information.  Smartphones and the internet can unlock the digitized knowledge of the world and make it accessible to even the remotest corners of the earth.

I worked on a mobility project a few years back that helped medicine be delivered to various parts of Africa.  Donors wanted proof of delivery of the medicine in order to continue the program.  We delivered a mobile supply chain management and "chain of custody" solution that documented the shipment and delivery of the medicine to final destination.  This entire solution utilized smartphones.

There are all kinds of advances in the medical device industry that utilizes mobile solutions and M2M technologies.  This week it was announced that Cinterion is planning to embed a cellular wireless chip into a heart arrhythmia monitoring device.  The device can monitor patients for up to 28 days and also enables care providers to communicate with patients via the device.

Last week I published an interview with Vivint's Scott Taylor on their use of smartphones and M2M (machine to machine) technologies in the home management and security solutions industries.  The capabilities Scott demonstrated on his iPhone are revolutionizing that industry as well.

It is an exciting time to be involved in enterprise mobility.

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