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Use this tip to avoid SAP CRM middleware-related gridlock

by Scott Wallask

June 2, 2011

By Scott Wallask, SAP Experts

You probably know the frustration of not moving in a traffic jam or being stuck in flight delays at the airport. Talk about inefficiency.

The concept is not all that different for data flow in SAP CRM. SAP CRM middleware exchanges certain types of data between SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECC) and SAP CRM, and middleware performance issues can occur during an initial data load or due to mass changes in the system.

One area to monitor is hardware resources allocation, writes Karthik Kuppuswamy of Deloitte Consulting, LLP, in his new CRM Expert article, “Techniques to Help Improve SAP CRM Middleware Load Performance.” 

“If resource allocation is not managed properly during an initial load, processing of queues can occupy the system resources and eventually bring down the system, not allowing users to log in,” according to Kuppuswamy.

One tip he suggests is to define a remote function call (RFC) server group in both the source and target systems, allocate resources to it, and assign this RFC server group to the queue scheduler.

This ensures queues are processed only through the resources allocated to the RFC server group and are not spread across the system.

Maintain the allocation of resources using transaction RZ12 (see the figure below). Resources can also be allocated from more than one application server. Usually if more application servers are present, it is a good practice to use more of those resources and use fewer resources from the central instance.

RFC Server group resource allocation

Explanations of each parameter shown in the figure can be found in SAP Note 74141. These parameters should be fine-tuned based on load type. For instance, during an initial load when there are fewer users accessing the system, middleware can use most of the work processes. During an ongoing delta load, the resources should be well balanced between the middleware and online users.

In this case, I loosely think of an RFC acting as a traffic officer moving vehicles through a busy street so that a bottleneck doesn’t occur.

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