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Using CAPA to Track Incidents and Improve Defect Reporting

by Laura Casasanto

June 17, 2011

In a new SCM Expert article titled “Improve Defect Reporting by Using CAPA to Track Incidents,” Vineet Pandey discusses how defect reporting can benefit from corrective action and preventive action (CAPA). CAPA is one method of categorizing potential issues that could affect a company, and Panday suggests using it to improve your supply chain performance by containing incidents and customer complaints.

Pandey talked about implementing an SAP QM-based CAPA solution in the following excerpt:


SAP ERP provides a standard notification functionality that can record and process various types of incidents or defects. The issues are quickly resolved because a task can be defined and assigned to designated persons who process the task for defect resolution. Also, defect analysis can identify likely sources from which most of the defects originate. You can monitor the corrective actions using business workflow functions to track follow up actions. You can define catalogs t o efficiently classify the defects. Some examples of process defects include:
  • While performing a lab test standard, a customer does not follow operating procedures, which leads to inaccurate results or safety risks for the people involved
  •  A customer complains that delivery timelines are not met
  •  A supplier audit finding by an external agency indicates that a vendor did not meet proper quality guidelines

In the past, many organizations used defect reporting functionality in SAP, while still using a manual or nonintegrated system for managing or tracking corrective actions. However, this functionality did not ensure that defects did not occur repeatedly.

Now the SAP-based CAPA solution is based on SAP QM functionality and incorporates the five phases of DMAIC (Figure 1). The key roles within the SAP CAPA solution are incident reporter, incident approver, incident analyst, and task processor.

Figure 1 CAPA using the DMAIC framework for managing and tracking defect reporting


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