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At Financials, HR, GRC 2011: Ask me more questions, I'll tell no lies

by Robert Croce

March 11, 2011

By Bob Croce, SAP Experts

I asked another question, and he stopped me flat with a few of his own.

You know how we politely prod you for answers to your toughest challenges here at our SAPinsider Conferences? You know how our inquiring minds always want to know …

What brought you here for Financials 2011? What problems are you hoping to solve by attending HR2011? Which sticky compliance challenges made you buy a seat for GRC2011?

Well, this time, an attendee, let’s call him “Fred,” leaned back from behind his conference badge and started asking me a few questions of his own. So, in the name of fairness, and to soothe inquiring minds, here’s what Fred asked and here’s what I told him about my week here in Paradise Valley.

What were your favorite sessions?

OK, considering that our outstanding SAP Expert authors conduct them, I’m partial to all of the Expert Live sessions. Many thanks again to our experts! If you really want to see them in action, check out Financials Expert, HR Expert, and GRC Expert.

What was your favorite candy from the KPMG bin?

White chocolate Kit Kats. If I were to be stranded on a desert island, and could only take three things with me, it would be drinking water, matches, and white chocolate Kit Kats. But not necessarily in that order.  “Hello, my name is Bob, and I’m addicted to white chocolate Kit Kats.”

What was your favorite “tweet” of the week?

Saw this one on the big board at registration during Jump Start Day: “Free KFC chicken at our booth in the exhibit hall.” I was pumped! VP of Conferences Riz Ahmed was pumped! But alas, they were only funnin’ with us. It was finger lickin' disappointment.

Your favorite slot machine?

Around the corner from the Burger Bar at New York, New York. A dollar machine. Fourth from the right, second row. I put in 20 bucks, and three spins later I hit for 300. Unfortunately, I only walked away with 200, which I’m sure I’ll be donating to the MGM Grand coffers later this evening.

What was your favorite food for lunch?

I think it was the chili on Thursday, although the potential for gastric danger did enter my mind considering we had more than 3,000 people on site eating it too (please feel free to insert your own joke here).

What was your favorite place for dinner?

No joke here. The sushi at Shibuya at MGM Grand. Holy hamachi, the sea creatures are so fresh that it makes you wonder if they have their own ocean out back of the hotel.

Who was the best-dressed person you came across?

Well, other than Marketing Director Tony Membrino in his blue WIS shirt, it had to be the guy I bumped into getting off the hotel elevator Wednesday evening. He was in a leopard-skin bandana and pants; had tats up both arms and all over his neck; wore dark sun glasses (even though the elevator area features very dim lighting); and sounded like legendary wrestler Randy “Macho Man” Savage.  I immediately knew that I wasn’t in either Kansas or Dedham (our home base in MA) anymore.

Who were the worst hotel guests?

Considering our team needs to be here in the convention center very early in the morning to prepare for our day, I can’t say that I was thrilled with the screaming young women in the room next to me very early Thursday morning. When you need to get up at 4:45 a.m., the last thing you want to hear at 2:30 a.m. is someone next door screeching “I love Gaga!

What was your favorite room to monitor?

Had to be Room 108, where many of our sponso r-led sessions took place. Usually you think “sponsor-led” and you think “infomercial,” but hats off to our sponsors who provided excellent content attendees could use in addition to getting the message across about their consulting services. Many of these sessions were packed! And, as they say, plenty of good rooms are still available next year at our conferece for partners who want to hold their own sessions.

Who was your favorite attendee?

OK, Fred. That one’s not fair. Why not ask me which one of my daughters I’d jump in front of a Great White shark to save? I have to honestly say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting and greeting you all this week. Thank you for joining us here, safe travels, and please come back and join us again next year when we return Vegas.

Any more questions?

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