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Customize SAP CRM along the way to defining personalized file structures

by Scott Wallask

March 4, 2011

By Scott Wallask, SAP Experts

Sometimes SAP CRM must take a stretch assignment to get what you need out of it. A good case in point is a marketing mail form, for which you may want to create new fields for customer data.

In a new CRM Expert article, Sandeep Parameswaran, senior consultant at ecenta America, explains how you can define a personalized file structure and create an output file with customer data from a marketing campaign. You can then export this customized file to a third-party system that contacts your business partners. 

As detailed in “How to Perform Campaign File Export Using Personalized Mail Forms,” the first step is to customize the file export variant. Start by following menu path Customer Relationship Management > Marketing > Marketing Planning and Campaign Management > Campaign Execution > Define File Export Variants. In this activity, you define variants for file export in campaign execution (see the figure below).


“File export variants determine the format of the file, the format parameters, and whether the file is assigned to the campaign,” Parameswaran writes.

In the figure, the Assignment column defines where the output file goes. In this field, you choose whether the file is assigned to the campaign.

“If you choose Assign as Attachment from the drop-down menu, the file uploads to the content management application and displays in the assignment block attachments,” Parameswaran says. “If you choose No Assignment from the drop-down menu, the file writes to the logical directory MARKETING_FILES on the application server.”

He goes into much more detail about the next steps to take in the full version of the article, which CRM Expert subscribers can read by logging in. If you’re not a subscriber, check out the benefits of becoming one.

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