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Experts Live sessions bring SAP Experts article discussions to the conference

by Laura Casasanto

March 10, 2011

In addition to the SAP Financials and EPM lab opportunity I highlighted yesterday, I wanted to make sure all HR 2011, Financials 2011, and GRC 2011 attendees out there know about the Experts Live sessions that are taking place this week at the conference. The sessions are each based upon a specific article that ran in one of the SAP Experts knowledgebases and provide attendees a place to review the article with the author and discuss the topic further.

A few years ago we began these sessions and they've been a big hit. If you're a subscriber to an SAP Expert, you know just how knowledgeable the authors are so come by to meet them face to face and ask them any questions you might have. These sessions take place at all of SAPinsider's conferences, so look for them at the next one you attend as well.

There are 12 Experts Live sessions in the conference schedule this week, half of which are taking place today and to morrow. They go over articles from HR Expert, Financials Expert, and GRC Expert and the authors of the articles lead each session. You'll receive a copy of the article at the session room as you head in for your own reference.

Today I'll be at the Financials Expert Live session at 2:15-3 pm that will discuss "Take the guesswork out of making asset changes" by Nathan Genez. Nathan is a highly respected author of ours and a great speaker. Come down to Grand 109 at 2:15 today to check it out. Look in the conference program guide (page 12) or on the conference websites to see complete listings of the Financials Expert Live, GRC Expert Live, and HR Expert Live sessions.

And if you're an Experts subscriber and have a suggestion for an article to feature at future events, let me know!

-Laura, Project Expert

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