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How to keep track of time spent on incident management

by Scott Priest, Editorial Director

March 16, 2011

I sat in on Nathan Williams' Experts Live session about Time Recording this morning, which was based on the Solution Manager Expert article "Time Recording in the Service Desk: Capturing Support Efforts in Incident Management."

Time Recording is a fully configurable, flexible piece of functionality that monitors how much time is spent on handling a given incident. You can also configure reminders so you don't activate the functionality and then neglect to properly use it.

He echoed a point that John Krakowski made yesterday -- that you should start using it (as well as other functionality) within work centers, which are available since support package 15, since the next release of Solution Manager will use work centers more prominently.

To set it up, you have to perform four configuration settings:

  1. Specify activity description
  2. Specify initial time unit value
  3. Activate time recording
  4. Set up reminder

It produces basic reporting via transaction AI_SDK_EFFORT that shows the time spent on the incident as well as on individual line items within it.

And if you're already live with Service Desk, you can implement it without disrupting your system.

Some of the attendees asked some great questions. One wondered whether it was integrated with CATS -- Nathan noted that it wasn't, and that it's more of a center of excellence functionality than something for HR. He was also asked about overriding settings in your personal user profile (you can't), and whether it handles SLAs, which it does as long as you incorporate them into the process.

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