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Key ESS/MSS customer trends: Insights from Jeremy Masters’ jumpstart session

by Lucy Swedberg

March 7, 2011

by Lucy Swedberg, Group Editor, SAPinsider and insiderPROFILES

This morning I had the pleasure of listening in on much of Jeremy Masters’ HR2011 jumpstart session, “An up-to-date guide to leveraging the latest SAP functionality for employee self-service (ESS) and manager self-service (MSS).” The session room was packed with 150+ attendees -- an impressive turnout, especially for a 9am session!

An informal poll of the session’s attendees turned up the following key ESS/MSS customer trends:

  1. Many attendees are in planning mode for ESS and MSS, eagerly awaiting the release and availability of enhancement package 5 (EhP5). Several attendees noted that they’re interested in learning about how EhP5 will impact both Compensation Management and Talent Management, and others wondered how EhP5 would affect their existing EhP4 investment.
  2. I consistently heard of two scenarios: (a) attendees are developing a business case for MSS/ESS, and are looking for guidance or (b) they already have the implementation go-ahead, but are now trying to evaluate the best implementation path going forward. Masters provided excellent options and recommendations for customers in both camps.
  3. I saw quite a bit of interest in incorporating SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe into ESS/MSS implementations.
  4. Another big discussion point addressed some front-end decisions: whether to go with the SAP portal or Microsoft SharePoint. I also heard a few attendees asking about the ESS/MSS roadmap with respect to the SharePoint portal.

To HR2011 attendees, anything I missed?

All told, some great insights and ideas for those interested in ESS and MSS. Lots more on the topic to follow throughout the week…stay tuned!

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