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Recap: SAP E-Recruiting w/ Susan Simons

by Brandon Toombs

March 8, 2011

Good overview by Susan Simons.  She is an engaging speaker and obviously cares about the product.  As with most of the SAP sessions, it focused on "what's new".  
Some Highlights of new EHP5 functionality:
1. Candidate email verification- Candidate must verify their email address before allowing to apply.  Reduces risk of denial of service and ensures quality candidates are presented.
2. Can use email address as login ID (yes!)
3. Less text in the application wizard, getting rid of some of the long text that got in the way of some of the important details
4. Addition of internet references so that candidate can identify social network id's such as linkedin and facebook.
5. Close button removed from the application wizard (double yes!)
6. Side-by-side comparisons for candidates
Another nugget: EHP6 in E-Recruiting is exclusively focused on increasing functionalty in reporting and analytics.
Overall, the changes from EHP4 to EHP5 are more tweaks than major changes.  Considering that EHP3 and EHP4 included major technology changes going from BSP to Web Dynpro, this is not a surprise. 

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