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Rethinking HR in 2011 - HR Keynote Recap

by Amy Thistle

March 9, 2011

Using insight and technology to make better talent decisions was the focus of today’s HR keynote at HR 2011 in Las Vegas. Two of SAP’s key executives in the HR space, Tracey Armish, VP HR, SAP and Dawn Crew, Vice President, HR Line of Business Solutions, SAP AG gave an inspiring keynote on the new trends in HR in 2011 and innovation in SAP ERP HCM that will help you meet the challenges of these trends.

Tracey outlined the two major trends as a decline in employee engagement and the war on talent. The number of highly engaged employees has dropped by 53% and 22% of the workforce is highly disengaged. To top it all off, middle managers are said to be some of the most disengaged. Never before has it been more important for HR and IT to come together to help to engage employees and reverse this trend.

Disengagement costs hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Companies must focus on re-engaging employees. Tracey mentioned that employee engagement is directly related to productivity, customer satisfaction, profit, and intent to stay.

Organizations are hiring and the talent pool is shrinking. Tracey challenged the attendees to ask themselves what they are doing to attract and retain talent. She also asked attendees to think about whether or not they know what skills their company will need for tomorrow. If you don’t know what you need how can you acquire employees with those skills.

Did you know?

  • 50% of employees don’t think their managers are trustworthy.
  • 58% of employees admit to not being inspired by their leaders

As a result SAP is working to make managers lives simpler internally so they can focus on their employees.  SAP’s strategy for doing this is streamlining processes, performance management, talent management, and succession planning. SAP has also been able to free up manager’s time through the implementation of its shared services center. 90% of transactions are done through shared services and it has freed up managers time so they are able to spend more time focusing on people leadership and development.

When Dawn took the stage she had the audience laughing over her explanation of what Sanjay Poonen, in the main conference keynote, meant when he referred to her as being very passionate about HR. She said she thought that was a nice way of saying pain in the A&%.

After a quick laugh Dawn discussed the foundation for remarkable results:

  • People
  • Process
  • Technology (On Device, On Demand, On premise)

Then Dawn went over the new enhancements in SAP enhancement package 5:

Self Services

  • A new employee experience
    • Employee profile
    • Leave requests
    • Time management
  • Manager self service
    • A new compensation profile
    • Organizational management with Nakisa

Shared Service Framework

Analytics – Pre-built talent analytics solutions

Strategic workforce planning

Right before wrapping up her keynote speech Dawn talked about what the future holds for SAP ERP HCM. In the very near future she mentioned enhancements to core functionality, talent management (learning, analytics, and talent management), self-services, workforce analyt ics, and on device.

Dawn concluded her keynote with a very strong message:

Change = Opportunity

Managers = Your Success

SAP = Make it Happen



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