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Startling statistics about your employees' (lack of) engagement

by Lucy Swedberg

March 9, 2011

by Lucy Swedberg, Group Editor, SAPinsider and insiderPROFILES

50% of employees don’t believe their managers are trustworthy.
50% of employees don’t think their senior managers are effective.
58% of employees aren’t inspired by their leaders.


SAP’s VP of HR Tracey Arnish kicked off this morning’s HR 2011 keynote address with these compelling statistics. And gosh, did the heads of attendees start nodding.

With hiring trends finally starting to pick up again (Google will hire 6,400 new employees – increasing its headcount by 25%), leaders and managers simply have to address these stats. Numbers don’t lie. And these numbers are frightening, because they could result in your company’s top talent walking right out the door.

Here’s a nice summary of the rest of Arnish’s (and her colleague, VP of HR Line of Business Solutions Dawn Crew's) keynote, from fellow Insider Learning Network member and HR2011 conference producer Amy Thistle.

A key takeaway question for you to ponder: To address these statistics, do you have the data you need to identify and retain your top talent?

Here, I’m not sure that attendee head-nodding would continue.

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