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Verify Email Campaign Executions

by Bill Pritchett

March 14, 2011

When you execute an email marketing campaign, you can use transactions SCOT and SOST to verify that the campaign was sent out as intended.  However, if you want to see the email content exactly as your recipients did, you can create a contact record for this purpose.

Just create a contact record with a specific name, such as ZNOTIFY, or use your standard number range.  In either case, make a note of the business partner ID.  Next, put your own email address in the email address field of that contact record.

Before you execute your campaign, be sure to update the contact record so that it matches the selection criteria for your campaign’s target group.  You may need to set a specific marketing attribute, if your campaign is based on one, or you may need to update the contact’s language, country, or role.  Again, this depends on the selection criteria you use when creating the target group.

When you build the target group, you can open it to verify that your ZNOTIFY business partner ID is included.  When you execute the campaign, the message will be sent out to everyone in the target group, as well as your contact record.  Because the contents will be sent to your email address, you can see exactly what your external contacts received.

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