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Wrap-up: HR Keynote

by Brandon Toombs

March 9, 2011

Below is a quick wrap-up of this morning's keynote:


Part 1: Tracy Arnish, SAP VP of HR

Tracy's discussion described the key challenges she sees as an HR executive attempting to position SAP for the future.

Declining employee engagement

Most organizations are facing a decline in employee engagement, much of this related to the impacts of the recession.  Middle managers are some of the most disengaged.  Since these are the link of engagement of line employees, this is a critical issue.  Disengaged employees perform 20-40% worse, which has tremendous impact to the bottom line.

War for talent

Organizations are hiring, but the focus is narrowing to specific skillsets.  Organizations are competing for a small subset of employees, who have plenty of options in the marketplace.

Pivoting to technology: 60% of organizations don't have the information necessary to identify skillsets and gaps, questions such as "what are the skillsets we need to acquire in order to be successful in the future?"


How SAP is internally meeting these challenges with SAP solutions

  1. Streamwork provides collaboration tools to bring together communitities to build business decisions.  Employee contributions to talent programs increases employee engagement, as well as achieving better decision
  2. All processes are simple and standardized "one approach" across all countries.  Simplifies life for managers
  3. Shared services approach- 99% of employee transactions are now handled through shared services.  Frees up HR professional time to work on strategic items such as talent retention, diversity
  4. Enhanced their career site- to include information on employee experiences, link to LinkedIn groups


Part 2: Dan Crew, VP HR Line of Business

Dawn Crew then took the stage to showcase the solutions provided by SAP.   Overall, the SAP product strategy is On Devce, On Demand, and On Premise which means that solutions are brought in from different avenues.

First came a quick runthrough of EHP5 Self Services.  

  1. ESS-Refreshed look and feel that can be "rolled out with pride"
  2. MSS-Refresh compensation profile

Next, a discussion of the pre-built talent analytics in EHP5.  This section was very brief, owing to other presentations that covered this in greater detail.

Strategic Workforce Planning

Strategic workforce planning is being positioned as a way to enable long term workforce hiring plans.  The tool enables creation of "what if" plans to generate the workforce needs in the future.  The simulation would then provide you with the gap information between your workforce versus what your needs are.   You can adjust the attrition and hiring rates to determine the impact.  Because it is using HANA in-memory, the results are instantaneous.  Organization charting what-if analysis is also possible


What's Coming

The priorities for the future were:

1. Core renovation- enhancing the attractiveness of core (yea!)

2. Shared services

3. Analytics

4. On device- 5 mobile applications will be delivered this year.  


Planned Mobile Applications For This Year

"Meet my managers"

Quick employee-related action items after talent meetings

"Org on the go"

Nakisa mobile org visualization to managers.  This was demonstrated on the iPad and looked very nice.  You could drill down into the employee profile and see any social media posts of the given employee, with some integration to google maps.

"Performance Management Assistant"

Provide mgr some limited performance management update capabiltiies

"Me@my Company"

ESS access for selected services

"interview assistant"

iPad application for interviews


Rapid Deployment

At the end of the session there was a quick slide on rapid deployment services for items such as manager approval processes.  The idea would be 90 day implementations with fixed costs focusing on pre-packaged solutions. 



The session was engaging.  I was actually surprised by the amount of details on upcoming developments given SAP's traditional reticence to discuss upcoming im provements until they are set in stone.  My one complaint would be that at times it seems like there was a desire to rush through the upcoming development slides.  I would love to have had a little more time to digest.  If there is concern that the functionality is not quite ready to discuss in detail, this can certainly be mentioned.


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