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At A Glance - Enterprise Mobility Solutions

by Kevin Benedict

May 4, 2011

I interviewed EVP and GM, Mark Watson, of Antenna Software today.  During our interview he brought up some interesting concepts that I want to share. 

First, I asked what advice he had for companies just starting to look at enterprise mobility.  He listed many different things companies should consider, and you can hear about all of them on the full podcast, but I wanted to highlight one of them here.  Mark said enterprises must develop mobile applications to offer an “at a glance" experience.  What did he mean?  He meant mobile device users want the right information - at a glance.

Mobile users are often on the go.  They are working, walking, and believe it or not driving.  They may be with a customer.  They may be using only one hand as their other hand is holding a tool.  The environments that mobile workers spend their time in dictate that the right information should be available quickly and easily.

Mobile workers will not long tolerate complicated screens and difficult one handed queries.  They need mobile applications that understand their users.  They need mobile applications that know the roles and responsibilities of their users.  They want mobile applications that know the context of their activities and can predict their needs.

Location-based services, context aware mobile applications and mobile business intelligence solutions that work together can provide many of these capabilities.  I look forward to seeing more of these kinds of mobile applications.

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