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Eisbart Discusses “Bulldog” Strategy for SAP Implementations on Podcast

by Dave Hannon

May 6, 2011

By Dave Hannon


If you’ve gone through a large ERP implementation and had to coordinate internal teams, external consultants, schedules, deadlines, then you know, it’s not easy. But someone has to crack the whip or an ERP project—especially a large, complicated one—could go off track.

Send in the bulldog.

On a recent podcast, I talked with Yosh Eisbart, co-founder of boutique consulting firm NIMBL, about the concept of hiring a third-party project manager for your implementation project. “Bulldog oversight” as Eisbart refers to it, saying it’s definitely a growing trend in the market.

“For some larger implementations, some organizations have chosen to bring in an objective third-party professional services firm to keep their main implementation partner ‘honest,’” Eisbart told me. He was quick to add that the “bulldog” needs to find the right balance. “No one benefits from any type of adversarial relationship. An SAP project only succeeds if everyone is on-board.”

Eisbart also provided his thoughts on the pros and cons of using multiple implementation services providers on an SAP implementation, interviewing individual consultants, and the value of partnership in SAP implementation.

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