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Putting together a strategy for Solution Manager documentation

by Scott Priest, Editorial Director

May 24, 2011

Documentation isn't the most buzz-worthy topic in the tech world. It doesn't have the buzz of sentiment analysis, the shiny dashboards of analytics, or the amazing speed of in-memory computing.

But it doesn't mean it isn't necessary. It's important to keep track of your documentation, especially as teams grow and work in large, global systems. The best way to do it is to set forth a strategy, follow through on it, and then communicate that to your entire organization.

Marci Braybrooks of IBIS America shows you how to do just that in her Solution Manager Expert article, "Architecting a Document Strategy in SAP Solution Manager."

The key to such a strategy is organization and planning at the outset. Marci breaks this down into the following set of steps:

The fundamental standards that must be defined and communicated prior to storing documents in SAP Solution Manager can be broken down as follows:

  • What to store?
    • Customize documentation types based on the internal methodology
    • Determine document status values and status schemes
  • Where to store it?
    • Build the Business Blueprint structure
    • Outline the document storage guidelines (part 1)
  • How to store it?
    • Define the document naming convention
    • Outline the document storage guidelines (part 2)
    • Identify keywords to enhance reporting and identification of documents

Her article goes on to explore each of these bullet points in more detail. Solution Manager Expert subscribers can read the tips she provides here. You can learn more about subscribing to Solution Manager Expert here.

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