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Risk management must-haves: Best practices for communicating project risks to your SAP team

by The Tip Doctor

May 25, 2011

Tip Doctor, Insider Learning Network.

This tip is pulled from the Projects 2010 session, “Identify, Track, and Mitigate SAP Project Risks for On-Time Project Completion”.

Risk management is a must in every SAP project – and while it’s crucial to quickly identify and monitor risks, it’s also essential to communicate these risks to your team. Here are 4 ways to ensure the communication of risks to your team is clear and continuous:

  1. Hold a milestone review meeting
    • At each project milestone to review the identified risk, its responses, and the mitigation plan
      • Project Owner / Sponsor
      • Project Manager
      • Risk response coordinator
      • Project Team Leads (Business / Technical)

  1. Weekly steering committee meeting
    • To present the risks falling in the threshold, with mitigation plans for decisions
    • Steering Committee members
    • Project Manager
    • Risk Response coordinator
    • Project Team Leads ( bearing high risks)

  1. Weekly risk response tracking
    • Risk management team meets to discuss all the identified risks and co llect the responses
    • Mitigated risks are removed from the tracking process and documented as mitigated risks
    • Project Manager
    • Risk response coordinator
    • Project Team Leads

  1. Incident meeting
    • To discuss the risk that are impacting the project and need immediate attention
    • To discuss a newly identified risk, which can pose a high impact on the project
      • Project Manager
      • Risk Response coordinator
      • Business team for impacting area
      • Technical team working on the solution

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