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SAP CEO gets his point across with Sales OnDemand

by Scott Wallask

May 17, 2011

By Scott Wallask, SAP Experts

An SAP Sales OnDemand demo at Sapphire Now took place before a crowd of thousands during a keynote, but was aimed at individual interactions.

Jim Hagemann Snabe, co-CEO of SAP, along with two of his colleagues, walked through a sample exchange of messages and status updates for a deal using the new Sales OnDemand tool. The software is part social media (real-time communication among sales team members), part pipeline (customer appointments and statistics), and part MapQuest (seeing where customers are located by zooming in and out of street maps). And the screen layout is simple and attractive.

What a stamp of approval for the audience to see Snabe actually uses Sales OnDemand. It’s executive buy-in to the 10th power and a very clever move by SAP.

“This is not a transactional type of design,” he said. “It’s a people-centric type of design.”

Clearly Sales OnDemand aims at people who use modern technology, such as tablets. “I hope you’ve seen a Sapphire where you [experience] sense and response happening in the moment.”

If you haven’t yet, it seems well worth your time to at least check out Sales OnDemand, as I’ve been really impressed each time I’ve seen this tool in action.

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