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Customize the Action Job Monitor and Save Hours of Tedium

by Antoine Cadot-Wood

November 29, 2011

Imagine you are a service manager in a company that sends out service technicians every day. Those technicians have to carry paperwork to the job site, and as their manager, you have to create PDFs of that paperwork every day, from information in your SAP CRM system. You use the action job monitor to do this automatically for you. But every day, you have to reschedule that PDF generation task, because the action job monitor doesn’t reschedule tasks by itself. So you have to go in and reschedule each individual document by hand.


Programmers: Remember that first time that you wrote a simple program, which could take any number and reduce it down to its prime factors? I do, and to my math-illiterate brain, it was pretty exciting. Those few lines of Java drove home an important point: computers are here to save us time, leaving us to focus on more important things (apologies to those of you who like to factor). So knowing that, why do you let your users waste time manually rescheduling actions on their SAP system?

CRM Expert author Sreekar Pula has a better idea: customize a BAdI so that the action job monitor does the rescheduling for you.

“The BAdI TRIGGER_EXECUTED is called whenever actions are executed from the action job monitor. The code in the BAdI below checks if the action is successfully executed, and whether the action should be rescheduled. If the action must be rescheduled, the BAdI re-determines the action and resaves the order.”

In the latest article from CRM Expert, Sreekar shows you how to customize the CRM_ORDER application to reschedule jobs automatically, and in a way t hat minimizes impact on system performance. CRM Expert subscribers can get the method and the code right here on ILN.

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