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Day 1 at the SAPInsider Mobile Seminar- Getting started with your mobile strategy

by Allison Martin

November 2, 2011

Greetings from Las Vegas!

The mobile seminar being put on by SAPInsider kicked off this morning with a fantastic session delivered by Adolf Allesch from IBM on building your mobile strategy. With the constantly evolving mobile market, it has been a trying task for customers to develop an enterprise wide mobile strategy that they can re-use as their use of mobile applications expands and increases.

Adolf went into a great discussion about some of the key considerations organizations need to take into account when building its strategy. As Adolf put it, “There are 9 key considerations every organization needs to factor into its strategy”. These included:  making sure your mobile applications engages users, correctly managing your mobile business processes, selecting the correct hardware and software, choosing a middleware platform and understanding how this integrates with current applications, learning how to develop and test your applications, implementing corporate wide security policies, managing your devices, determining the appropriate staffing and resources, and learning how to train your users.

Each of these considerations is related to one another and a critical step in developing an end to end mobile strategy. One of the big areas where customers are facing a challenge is in the development of their mobile applications and determining what offline data you want to provide users with, and also how to create mobile interaction patters that you can continue to use throughout your mobile projects. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Adolf as the seminar cont inues.

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