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Excerpt: Zero client quick deployment allows you to view invoices without external software installation

by Scott Priest, Editorial Director

November 2, 2011

Here is an excerpt from the SAP Professional Journal article "Set Up Your SAP System to View Invoices Without Deploying External Software." In it, author and PetSmart SAP Architect Pandari Kubendran explores the different technologies to view invoices, and how his method of deployment allows users who need different levels of access to view or edit invoices as needed.

Zero client quick deployment is the best way to provide the capability for a quick, easy deployment to all users that need to view the scanned images, anywhere, any time. Access is controlled using the SAP authorization mechanism, thus providing information only to those users who need it.

I’ll go into the zero client quick deployment option in more detail by first showing you how to configure this strategy into your system using an example vendor invoice document. Then I’ll show you how this document looks in a variety of viewers so you can see the functionality available to different kinds of users.

Zero Client Quick Deployment

Let’s assume that vendor invoices that are sent via mail need to be integrated into the SAP procure-to-pay business process. Electronic forms of paper documents are sent by the vendor flows through a workflow, reviewed by the accounts payable clerk, and further approved by a manager, before being paid. You’d follow these steps:

  1. Receive a hard-copy invoice
  2. Scan the invoice
  3. Trigger the workflow
  4. Approve the invoice
  5. Have an AP clerk create an invoice in the SAP system
  6. Pay the invoice

Now imagine someone (say, an auditor, field employee, or district manager) wants to review the invoice image. Normally they’d need to get in touch with the support center or an AP clerk. However, with some simple customizing, you can enable this person to view the electronic documents (such as a FAX or TIFF) on their own, thus eliminating the additional burden on the support center or accounts payable department.

To enable this, log in to your SAP system and enter transaction OAA3 to bring up the SAP ArchiveLink pro tocols screen (Figure 3). Click the Protocol that you want to customize (e.g., IX_OLEU1) and click the green check mark icon to produce the screen in Figure 4. Note that the Protocol could be different depending on how your OpenText system is configured. Make sure your selection is used in your system by confirming in the Used in st. systems column in Figure 3.

Figure 3 Customize your protocol

Figure 4 ArchiveLink protocol overview

For a more in-depth discussion of the different technology options, as well as the full configuration for zero client quick deployment, SAP Professional Journal subscribers can go here. For more information about SAP Professional Journal, go here.

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