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H is for Hendrix, I is for Integration with BusinessObjects 4.x

by Scott Wallask

November 2, 2011

By Scott Wallask, SAPexperts

Jimi Hendrix likely knew nothing about software integration, but a new article in BI Expert helps you chop down a proverbial SAP mountain with the edge of your hand.

In “Discover Best Practices to Integrate SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.x with SAP NetWeaver BW and SAP ERP,” author Ingo Hilgefort of SAP walks you through integration strategies in the areas of data connectivity, hierarchical reporting, and BEx query design. 

Those of you considering an implementation of or upgrade to SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.x have challenges ahead in terms of integration, so Hilgefort’s article serves as a beacon to help you avoid potential pitfalls.

“Starting with SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.x, you can leverage a direct connectivity to your BEx queries in SAP NetWeaver BW without creating an OLAP universe,” he writes. “All your BI client products are able to use the BEx queries and present the necessary information to your end users.”

If Hendrix was on your technical team, this is the point he’d tie on that bandana and play a solo on his ax.

Direct connectivity through BI Consumer Services (BICS) provides you with a large set of improvements compared to the previously available options in SAP BusinessObjects XI 3.1. In the figure below, check out the pros and cons of using a direct BICS connection versus a multi-source universe:

Comparing BICS and multi-source universes


Hilgefort recommends the direct connectivity option. It’s a powerful new feature in SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.x — sort of like blasting a rock ‘n’ roll tune through your SAP system.

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