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How Generation Y will change your enterprise (maybe even for the better)

by Davin Wilfrid

November 1, 2011

By Davin Wilfrid, insiderRESEARCH

To many of us in our mid-30s and above, the phrase "Generation Y" conjures up images of floppy-headed 20-somethings walking into traffic while texting about Lady Gaga's meat suit. The shuffling blob of humans born from roughly 1982 to 1995 represents the first that have lived lives of loud desperation -- hyperconnected from birth to primarily digital devices. 

Many of them have never used White-Out. 

Turns out they're not so bad. And they may even revolutionize the enterprise. 

I'm at the combined Reporting & Analytics 2011, Managing SAP Projects 2011, and Outsourcing 2011 event (plus seminars on mobility, BPC, supply chain, and Xcelsius), where the focus is on how SAP plans to support the next generation of workers. 

During tomorrow's keynote session, SAP's Sanjay Poonen will discuss how millenials in the workforce are demanding faster analytical tools, greater ability to report on large volumes of data, and easy collaboration through social media tools. Enabling these workers to maximize their productivity through these tools is increasingly driving SAP's strategies and product offerings. 

For many companies, mobility, cloud, and advanced analytics represent a new breed of project. In the second part of the keynote session, SAP's Ross Wainwright will discuss best practices for tackling the next wave of SAP projects to maximize ROI and reduce TCO. 

I'm looking forward hearing how Poonen and Wainwright trace a narrative thread from a tectonic demographic shift to the slower-moving world of enterprise applications. If SAP can define itself as a reliable guide along that path, it will be well positioned for several rounds of new technology releases. 

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