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Inside Xcelsius Bootcamp Rapid-Fire Q&A Panel with the Experts:Part 2

by Graceanne Bowe

November 9, 2011

Graceanne Bowe, SAPinsider Events

This is a continuation of my blog on the Rapid-Fire Q&A Panel that took place at Xcelsius Dashboards Bootcamp last week in Las Vegas featuring Emily Mui from SAP, Dr. Bjarne Berg from COMERIT, Mico Yuk from Everything Xcelsius, and Chris Hickman from Decision First Technologies.

What are the options for deploying an Xcelsius dashboard to an iPad?

Xcelsius dashboards use Flash, which Apple does not currently support. Consequently, SAP does not currently support Xcelsius dashboards on the iPad; however, the jury is still out as to whether that will change in the future.  A third-party company, Exovva, can support Xcelsius on the iPad. 

I want to deploy a solution that provides online and offline reporting to 5,000 sales reps. Since I have a limited long-term maintenance budget, I can only select one tool to use. How do I decide?

As many consultants would say….”It depends!”  Crystal can’t be beat for static, fixed, formatted reports. For a dashboard, Xcelsius is needed.  To put ad hoc analytic capabilities into the hands of users, WebI is the tool.  Since all tools have different purposes, it depends on what you really need most. If you want it all, you have to use more than one tool.  

Is it possible to integrate Xcelsius with

There aren’t any direct SAP connectors for the on-premise BI solution; however, BI OnDemand, SAP’s cloud offering, includes integration capabilities.  It’s also possible to use SAP BusinessObjects Data Services to bring data into the dashboard.  There is also a third-party solution (requires separate fee and licensing) that can be used to integrate SalesForce with Xcelsius.

What are the future plans for charts, such as GANTT charts, in Xcelsius?  There haven't been a tremendous number of requests for GANTT charts, but customers can make requests for these via SDN.  There have been some changes to waterfall charts, which were available with Xcelsius 2008. The first release of BI 4.0 does not contain waterfall charts, but they will return with Feature Pack 3 for SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0. 

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